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Zondag, 24 Mei 2015, 18:22
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FeestBam Boe Invites Mousse T.
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OrganisatieBam Boe

Well aware that our time to hibernate is officially over, Bam Boe is coming back to the Sugarfactory to celebrate the start of another beautiful summer.

A little over a year ago, we started toying around with inviting expert international handlers to keep Amsterdam's booming panda population under control.

Though we have a strong preference for (undiscovered) talents with an independent touch, this time we've chosen to look back in time... to an old master of the craft. We're fairly excited (as panda's go, we're pretty relaxed) to bring him over, as it's been a very long time since he's been here, and he's been spreading the funk far and wide since before most of us were born...

MOUSSE T. / Peppermint Jam Records / DE

Since 1990, Mustafa Gündogdu has effectively been nurturing the soil our party's built on. After having been catapulted into worldwide fame with the 1998 disco-house stomper 'Horny', he widely toured the international club circuit, delivered two artist albums, produced for anyone from Ziggy Marley to Michael Jackson, and released on seminal house and techno labels including Swing City, Nervous, Desolat and of course his own Peppermint Jam.

Zondag, 17 Mei 2015, 21:22
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FeestNight Shift
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OrganisatieNight Shift

Night Shift starts 23:00 in smoking lounge, at 01:00 we continue downstairs.

Night ShiftNIGHT SHIFT is the weekly Hip Hop, Disco and House Wednesday Workout.

House and Hip Hop exist thanks 2 Disco.
It's dope u hear more and more Disco on House and Hip Hop parties.
It's hard 2 find Hip Hop @ House parties and vice versa.

We love 2 hear all 3 and 2 dance till late.

Therefore every Wednesday rotating in couples with each other or sometimes with a guest Special Mike, Momo DL, Lourens Lefreak, Ome Funk & mr Fish are @ work.

Night Shift is that Brown Sugar of jazzy, funky, soulful, deep, spiritual Hip Hop, Disco, House & related flavors 4 all u dancers, night freaks, industry and heads dedicated to real dance music.
This music weekly workout is the only spot in Amsterdam with talents and sometimes masters@work on the one and two's that can go on till 5 am on Wednesdays.

Vrijdag, 15 Mei 2015, 16:50
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FeestThis is the Room
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OrganisatieThis is the Room

This is the Room, 1 keer per maand de meest gezellige huiskamer van Amsterdam!

Ei, ei, ei, in mei This is the Room met een beetje disco erbij! En daarom zijn we zo blij ij... anyway!

21 mei opent de gezelligste huiskamer van Amsterdam zoals elke maand wederom haar deuren. Dit keer hebben we niemand minder dan Deep Disco House held Quinten 909 uitgenodigd. Een keertje een huiskamer gevuld met een vleugje disco dus... heerlijk!

Daarnaast zal het sprankelende duo Lumière met hun zwoele, warme groovin' tunes de hortensia's doen bloeien en Nick de Vree de kamerlampen doen glimlachen. Kortom, super gezellig.


Quinten 909 (Loulou Records / Bunny Tiger / Sleazy G) 
Lumière (Verknipt Amsterdam) 
Nick de Vree (This is the Room) 

Donderdag, 14 Mei 2015, 15:10
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FeestKraft invites Enrico Sangiuliano
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OrganisatieInDeep'n'Dance Records
KRAFT - MAY 23TH 2015

Techno event organized by InDeep'n'Dance Records / Kraft Bookings.

Line up & time table:
00:00 - 01:00 Ado Arapovic
01:00 - 02:00 Mark Mywords
02:00 - 04:00 Enrico Sangiuliano
04:00 - 04:55 Dexon

Support acts:
Dance performance: Girls Next Door Showcase Amsterdam

Live stream: 

Maandag, 11 Mei 2015, 15:05
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L'Afrique is back! We have a new location, a new line-up and some nice surprises for y'all. The new location of this L'Afrique edition is the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam!

This location is well known by the last ADE night with Black Coffee.

L'Afrique, a unique concept for the love of African house music, brings you the spiritual sounds of afro deep house combined with warm soulful house music. The sound and the African culture stands for energy and positivity, the perfect combination for a hot and danceable night.

After having international artists like Black Coffee, Culoe de Song, Boddhi Satva, Djeff Afrozilla, Manoo and Rocco as a guest, we are now bringing the Dutch talents to the stage!

This edition you can enjoy the sounds of Deep Journey's Queen of Afro Cincity, the energetic duo Badguyz, mr. Liberation aka Soulroots himself, a new talented artist Sem Moi, who sertainly is gonna surprise everyone and last but not least, the host of the night; mr. John Agesilas!

Make sure you join us on this soulful, deep and very African Journey with our Dutch All Stars!

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