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1988 and KOMPASS KLUB present

*Len Faki

Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner Len Faki (OFFICIAL) is one of the most outstanding and in-demand artists in techno’s present age. He is an internationally requested dj, whose productions and remixes are played by techno’s most prominent names. Being a resident at Berlin’s prime techno club Berghain since its opening in 2004 keeps him open-minded as both, dj and producer.

His sound is constantly evolving without ever losing its vibrant, unique energy and the passion and heart he puts into his sets. His gigs are an audio-visual adventure where he is not only playing for the crowd but rather performing for and with them.

*Renaat R&s

Founder of the famous R&S label. Ghent most important inhabitant.
LISTEN : https://www.mixcloud.com/electronicbeats/ebradio-renaat-dj-mix/  


Almost any DJ who went through the ropes will tell you there’s nothing that beats the close contact and almost physical energy from playing in a compact atmosphere. Thang, with residencies at petite but quality clubs such as Magic and Club 69, is not different.

Not that the big stage frightens him, no sir: on his resume are festivals such as Pukkelpop, Laundry Day, Bestival and Valtifest, and large clubs such as Barcelona’s Razzmatazz are as welcoming to him as he is to them. Every weekend a different story.

*Massimo Mephisto

Massimo Mephisto is born and raised in Antwerp, city of diamonds and its fantastic harbor. His main focus lies on dark Techno, exploring the drifty hypnotic beats, Massimo has his finger firmly on the pulse. His style has grown throughout the years but Techno music has never let him down and will become the key ingredient is most of his sets and studio work.

Mixing up styles and moods, but always focused firmly on the dance floors’ needs and desires. Massimo’s sets have energy, precision and most of all heavy kicks and steady baselines.

LISTEN : https://www.mixcloud.com/KOMPASSKLUB/kompass-podkast-1-massimo-mephisto/ 


Sous is a three headed techno-collective from Kortrijk, Belgium. Members are Max and the brothers Hendrik and Willem, who is well known in the Belgian electronic music scene for his drum and bass project “Doctrine” and future-bass project “Hush”.

All three have different musical backgrounds and preferences yet they share a deep love for underground techno music. In their sets as in their productions Sous tries to implement a boundaryless approach to techno, not seeking to fit into any specific genre or subgenre. It’s all about quality techno music, always respecting the old whilst embracing the new.

Otb Label Room

Belgian based OTB label 
We aim to present a unique exploratory sound that will frequently push the boundaries of techno. It will produce music that talks to the soul before it mobilises the body.
OTB records has been releasing vinyl since the end of 2014.

Performing artists

One Track Brain

Jeroen De Pessemier is the co-founder of OTB records. Apart from his own productions as One Track Brain, he is engineering all the output of the label albeit feeding new talent with knowledge and building a family based on sharing.

Using many years of experience in his own musical projects as well as productions for other international acts, he is pushing the boundaries of techno to create a fresh, reviving sound that talks to the soul before mobilising the body.


Is a new music project from now Londoner by the way of Kidderminster. His use of field recordings provides an organic source of material to complement standard dance floor production techniques. Blending elements of techno, house and the environments he places himself in, he gives us both a relevant and refreshing take on club music.


Lockyear is the youngest of the bunch and a new talent on the scene, discovered by One Track Brain when he was living in London. Honing his craft and tastes in Manchester, the now London based producer Lockyear, draws influence from dance music spanning multiple decades and regions: from Detroit to Norway, Amsterdam and Vancouver.


LISTEN : https://otbrec.bandcamp.com  

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