19 september 2012 - 15:45
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French production wizard Art Bleek returns with his fantastic new full-length album. The Time is a delicious aural lulling, slipping languidly and confidently between deep house and techno to bring about a deep sense of satisfaction in the listener.

Warm rhythms lope across the veldt, underpinning an album that has a more laid-back tone than Art Bleek’s previous full-length release. 2011’s Tilt was a punchy, angular affair, whilst this feels relaxed and blissful. The tracks move organically, fusing complicated layers with ease to create lush, cinematic soundscapes.

Standout tracks include Sheer Addiction, a bouncy track that bubbles along over some neatly executed syncopations, and Super Blue, which despite its name isn’t at all dreary or sad. The power of the track is such that the visual imagery it conjures is undeniable, with a positive vibe that equates to a steady drip of endorphins.

Constant City has a melodic hook is so likeable that it is instantly forgiven for treading familiar territory. Confused is anything but, and delivers an on-point reaction to a brave vocal sample. From beginning to end, The Time is a highly accomplished work that will satisfy both the trained ear and the casual listener alike.

The Time will be released on Eevonext, a label with a focus on ‘elegant electronic music’. They have a longstanding relationship with Art Bleek, having put out his second album and several EPs. Of The Time, they say to keep an eye out for the “touches of daring vocal incantations… supported by surgical, incisive kicks and imperceptibly shifting elliptical pads and frequencies.”

ART BLEEKEvoking ever-so-slightly the spirit of the psychedelic, The Time is a reflection of the place where it was created. Art Bleek settled in LA at the end of 2010, and the move seems to be paying off. These days he is trading in travel for more time in the studio, giving him the opportunity to develop his unique production style and direction.

Art Bleek’s approach and highly developed sense of sound stems from his classical training, which he received from a young age in both France and the USA. An accomplished saxophonist as well as being a producer and DJ, his affection for multiple styles of music shines through in his productions. His eclectic record collection houses jazz, nu-jazz, broken beats, bossanova, world, soul, rare grooves and electronic music.

Art Bleek has released two full-length albums, multiple EPs and appeared on countless compilations. He has worked with talents such as Ursula Rucker, Voice, Nya, Noelle Scaggs, Charlie Sputnik, Airelle Besson, Trevor Loveys and Chris Belsey to name just a few.

Art Bleek – The Time is out from today on Eevonext Recordings and available on

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