13 juni 2017 - 10:28

IMPORTANT NOTICE. First band starts at 21.30 hours sharp and there will be short breaks between bands so people can catch the last tram at 12.

Charlie will spin the night away with his vinyls. Damage 5 eu.

Awott  (RU)

AWOTT since 2007 explore this and those Worlds, both sides of Good and parts of Evil, together with friends and random guests of both Worlds who disappeared into the volcanoes of Russia.
The Good first side is synth, which is came back. Another side is sax which became strong tenor instead alto.

Drums and drummachine is stand for Evil in every beat it makes, good old Evil we all know since Ringo and Detroit. And Voices living in their wise lungs above bowels, who is evil of course. Alltogether this aspects boil-fight for love and peace and soul, against the limits, despite all square being. Behind the Masks. 

Vat (aka Pink Crash)  (FR)

VAT is an improvised solo for voice and sound recorded with a telephone. This girl can do anything with her voice, you never know what will come out. It’s a soundscape written en directe.

Salò Mentale  (CY/GR/NL)

Anthony Blokdijk’s brainchild since 1984. “It’s hard to describe, but good for those hardcore fans of early post punk and industrial.” The Brvtalist. This time with Alex on drums, Jan on synths and Styliana on vocals. 

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