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Balkan Beats*Gypsy*Klezmer*Cumbia*World*

Dj Spery (Gr)

DJ Spery, is coming from Greece, having a secret power in her suitcase: “The Balkanization Project. Realizing her passion for Balkan music 6years ago, she started playing music on 2008 and she “balkanize” her country from city to city!

Even though the Balkan music was spreading in whole Europe, in Greece it wasn’t that popular..So, she tried to bring the “Gypsy Feeling” on the Greek stage and transform the typical clubs into an Emir Kusturica’s scenery!

Eventually, she shares her decks with great DJs and producers such as the founder of BALKAN BEATS, Robert Soko (Balkan Beats-Berlin), the Globe Trotter DJ Click from France (Alimentation Generale-Paris) and !Deladap’s leader and producer, Stani Vana from Vienna, proving that her musical madness can fit beautifully to the European clubs! She also collaborated with him for his latest single “Gipsy Kicks”. At the beginning of 2012, she creates the “BALKAN EXTRAVAGANZA” stage, a monthly party where she invites guest DJ’s and bands of Balkan music such as DJ CLICK(FR) and Melios BalkanaMama Band(GR),at her homeland, Greece.

On the 30th of June 2012, Dj Spery had the honor to open the concert of the great composer Goran Bregovic, in Athens at Technopolis-Gazi stage! After this special warm up dj set, a summer tour at the Greek islands followed up. Since then she is touring all around Europe and she is the opening act of great artists such as Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello, Koza Mostra etc..!

Her show combines a hot Dj set of crazy rhythms and melodies that she accompanies with elegant movements which remind a belly dancer, joyful vocals that make you jump up and down and live sounds from her tambourine and traditional drum! By choosing songs from the best Balkan brass bands, she attracts the audience to feel a musical “orgasm” on the dance floor. 

Ion Din Anina (Es)

Ion din Anina is a Dj from Spain, In his sets he mixes traditional folk music with new styles of electronic beats. He specializes on the fusion of Balkan music with all styles of urban music, incorporating other sounds such as cumbia, african music, along with all the influences of the Mediterranean.

A global sound  Space is created where there is room for all music from this world and all other planets. Today, this music is often called Global Club Music or Global Bass Music.

He had the honour to share the stage with artists like: SKIP&DIE, Bombino, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Systema Solar, Ojos de Brujo, Sergent Garcia, Chico Trujillo, ShazaLaKazoo, UPROOT ANDY, Shantel, Robert Å oko etc. 

Lazarus Soundsystem

Dj’s Producers, Organisators & Founders of the Muzk! Balkan Madness parties, first started playing Balkan & Gypsy music in Antwerp around 2009.

Now, they are well known in the national & international Balkan scene for their crazy mash-up’s, & electronic flavoured remixes from artists like, Bubamara Brass Band, Ambrassband, Budapest Klezmer Band, Mr Zarko, Cosmonautix, Dr. Bajan… and the official remixes on the Kaligola Disco Bazar, Mr Zarko & Black Masala Remixed Ep’s

They had the honour to play in Countries & Cities like: The Netherlands (Delft, Amsterdam), France (Poitiers,Grenoble) Slovakia (Bratislava, Nitra, Zillina, Trnava,Kosice,Ruzomberok). Czech Repupblic (Prague, Zlin), Austria (St. Pantaleon, Linz), Hungary (Budapest), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunass) and many more to come…

So be prepared: with Lazarus Soundsystem on the decks you’re in for a night filled with the best Balkan & Gypsy music that will even make sober people dance like they’re drunk! 

Muzika Agresija

These Belgian deejays present a mix of Balkan music, Russian disco, swing, Klezmer, world music and much more! Therefore they visit Bosnia, Romania and Macedonia to finally arrive in Russia.

They spice their performance up with fire, passion, big moustaches, love, aggression and a predilection for traditional Slavic folk music! 

Doors 22h-06h
Entrance 7 before midnight 10 after.

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