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Bar World Series #7

Barplus proudly presents Bar World Series 7. As you might already know, Bar World Series is an event that consists of several nights filled with live music, concerts and DJ sets fueled with sounds from around the globe.

The nights are curated by the finest (inter)national selectors, who will take you on a journey through different corners of the world. The purpose is to show you guys the local-gone-global grassroots of modern electronic music and how they have influenced our favorite artists.

7th Edition

For our 7th edition we asked Roeland Otten aka Afrobot to curate the night. He decided he wants to focus on a contemporary (pan-) African music genre, more specifically the techno-ish kind of (originally Angolan) Kuduro sound that is coming from Lisbon these days. Principe Discos is the label that is putting forward the talents from different crews releasing tracks in this new style since 2013.

Afrobot thinks it is important to promote a night with a fresh contemporary (pan-) African sound as these newer genres, like Kuduro, Qgom, Shangaan Electro or Afro Trap are only popping up sporadically in Dutch clubs. Afrobot wonders why Afro music in Holland (or in Europe) still mostly refers to dusty old records by Fela Kuti and Mulatu Astatke, and we hear lots of obscure Nigerian boogie and South-African Bubblegum in our clubs, not that he doesn’t like those records as well, but we shouldn’t miss out on what’s happening now.

DJ Nervoso, born in São Tomé and Príncipe, a Portuguese-speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa, but based in Quinta do Mocho, periphery of Lisbon for more than 2 decades now, is the main reason why DJ Marfox, DJ Firmeza and many others started deejaying and producing, hooked on his fiery DJ sets since they were barely in their teens, around 2001-2002. He is well known for a bare bones approach to rhythm, working the basic hypnotic feel of pounding drums to mesmerizing effect, in his permanent quest to make people move. His sound is meant to unite, not divide, the dancefloor.

Even before he started producing, Nervoso was quick to perceive that some people were alienated in parties where Angolan Kuduro got played, for the simple reason they didn’t command the specific moves associated with the style or its variations. So his production focused on adapting the beats of this much-loved dance music, changing the codes for a more inclusive experience. Some call it techno.

DJ Maboku was born in Luanda, Angola, but soon fled with his mother the then civil war plaguing the country seeking exile in Portugal. The mannish boy became stuff of legend still in his teens by making free mixtapes for high school Kuduro dancing squads that pursued him madly for his fresh skills and suave iconoclastic vision.

Dj Maboku has been in the past few years an insuperable regular on Príncipe’s monthly party ‘Noite Príncipe’ at Musicbox club in Lisbon, and has been playing out consistently more around the country and venturing unto the euroland (like last year’s Lowlands festival).

Panda Lassow

If there is one local dj that is already for many years up to date with contemporary world music, with a special love for heavy Bass styles, call it ‘Tropical Bass’, it is Panda Lassow. She runs the label Anus Records, has her residency at Red Light Radio and is heavily involved in the Dutch beats-scene. She played before on nights with Maboku and Nigga Fox from the Principe label.


Johan Jeff Kofi Amenyeku (born May 12, 1995), better known by his stage name JJAQ (stylized as JJΔQ), is a Dutch recording artist and DJ from Rotterdam. He got noticed by Afrobot through his first Operator set, which was characterized by a brought selection of African rhythms from Afro House. Coming from a basic Hip Hop background it’s interesting to see his curiosity lead him to different sorts of African music and his mixing skills show a deep understanding of the poly-rhythmic patterns.


DJ Maboku
DJ Nervoso
Panda Lassow b2b Afrobot


Door-sale € 10,-

Schiekade 201


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