13 oktober 2016 - 21:46

Abdulla Rashim (Prologue, Nortnern Electronics) (SE)
Abstract Division (Dynamic Reflection)
Niek Ketel & Niron

In 2011, a new EP from one ‘Abdulla Rashim’ surfaced in Sweden. The EP is called ‘Gizaw’, a common name in Ethiopia. It was unknown who is behind this fusion. The tracks, sounding much like Plastikman 2.0, had the EP sold out in no time.

Two EP’s followed swiftly, both with titles referring to Ethiopia and both straight to the record bags of techno purists. It is extremely minimalistic techno, with hypnotic rhythms underlying thrilling soundscapes. In 2012, ‘Weldiya’ was released on the legendary Prologue, the label where artists like Donato Dozzy and Mike Parker publish their music. The critically acclaimed EP made an established artist of Abdulla Rashim.

It made an identity of his sound. Because how else do you give music an identity, if the creator wants to remain anonymous, releases in Scandinavia under an Arabic pseudonym, with references to eastern Africa? The combination of fascinating music and intriguing mystery drew much attention.


Rashim’s schedule rapidly filled up with gigs in Australia, Japan, South Africa, Russia, but also closer to home; Berghain, Dekmantel and Concrete could no longer ignore him. These gigs however, did require a public appearance. And lo and behold: Abdulla Rashim turned out to be the pseudonym of a blonde man from Stockholm in his twenties.

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