10 augustus 2017 - 10:32

The blood of the queervenant is thicker than the water of the capitalist womb..

When Capitalist corporations bleed our Prides dry, it is time to reclaim our blood, use its magic to recreate our rainbow rituals and summon our queer spirits once again.

To support each other in the struggle towards queer saferness and nearly liberation, we invited experts on critical magic HYENAZ. They will lead the way and guide you through various stages of ritual. From binaries to becoming one or many, between and across borders, at crossings of things strange and familiar.

Also, there’s Magic Dance to Platinum Black’s deepest sound. You can cum for or on the GBQP’s coven of glitter witches. Submit to ritual sexinitiation in our sacred Play Room. And there is more, so much more to guide you through a orgasmic night of the occult, the enchanted and the ridiculous.

Do you need a dresscode? How about rainbowfucked or bloodysexy. Or both.

We can’t wait to welcome you all again!

Tickets, through link on this page:
Earlybirds 6 euro! get them now!
Presale 8. Door 10.

Why is this a queer party?

First of all: fun without limits!

Queer is based on sexual integrity.
We celebrate sexuality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
But remember:

Queer is not exclusively gay and lesbian; it is an independent, equal, borderless, D.I.Y., provocative and genderfuck way of thinking, behaving and acting.

We do not have a beauty standard inside!

We encourage every-body to have fun, enjoy their bodies, and each other’s bodies, but remember to do this respectfully.

Self expression is not a risk here, and all bodies and looks deserve equal attention. This means:
>we encourage you to try to express in a way you’ve always wanted to -nothing is too crazy here!
>we encourage genderclowning, drag, crossdressing, kink and nakedness…
>..but there’s no strict dresscode, be as you please, and change it when you please.

Please note: NO CAMERAS
there’s a photographer inside to capture your pretty faces voluntarily.

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