01 februari 2018 - 21:40


prjct Undrgrnd presents ConnectedSouls InviteS

Our special guests for this evening are W&DY & Ozan Kanik. This Amsterdam based duo are longtime friends who share their musical passion behind the decks and in the studio. Ozan is Label Owner of Sounds R Us Recordings where W&DY drops her massive releases.

With a big list of productions under their belt, W&DY and Ozan Kanik are going to show you what they are made of at the #UNDRGRND.

For our support act of the evening, we have the pleasure to introduce Janny Hosmin. A young and promising DJ/ Producer who is focused on Deep/ Minimal/ Groovy Tech sounds. His goal is to create a genre which gives Techno a real twist. As we witnessed his spinning skills a few times we can say that he belongs to the ConnectedSouls Family.

ConnectedSouls InviteS Showcase

W&DY & Ozan Kanik
Janny Hosmin

UNDRGRND/ Late AM Showcase


As ConnectedSouls, we live for the music and share our passion for it on stage. We understand there are others like us. We believe everyone should be given the chance to show their passion as well.

That is why we have come up with: ConnectedSouls InviteS! A platform where DJ’s, with similar mindset and passion for music as ConnectedSouls, have the chance to share their various flavours of Techno & House. Their styles and music variations, combined with the well known delivery from our residents will provide a memorable and uplifting night for their crowd.

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