15 maart 2018 - 16:00


Don’t be afraid! Friday 13th of april we’ll be scaring the crows outta Utrecht with The Pilotwings hovering over EKKO.

The musical spheres are always in need of a refreshing breeze in creativity. French duo The Pilotwings are pivoting electronic music right now with their joyful sound that sparkles like the sun. Affiliated with the notorious Brothers From Different Mothers, Lyon cultabel Macadam Mambo and radiostation LYL – Guillaume Lespinasse and Louis De La Gorce challenge the boundaries of house music by fusing video-game sounds, twisted breaks and balearic pads. Being praised for their off-the-roof sets at e.g. Atlas Electronic we can’t wait to see them rocking U-town! 

Tala Drum Corps

Tala Drum Corps has a similar approach to music. With an unique mystifying yet energetic style that draws upon jungle, futuristic soundscapes and odd dance he can be regarded as one of the new surge of talented homegrown producers storming The Netherlands. 

Luke Cohlen

Luke Cohlen is known for his fast-paced mixing tricks and vivid genre-defying blends that go from soothing jams and wave to rhythmic dusty club tracks. On the usual day you’ll probably catch him pushing the local scene with a smile, as always. 

Together these two Cultfarm co-organisers and deejay besties will do a 3 hour b2b session before the pilots spread their wings. See you in april!

Design by Jules Janssen.

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