24 mei 2013 - 18:44

Pitto celebrates his return to the dance floor with twelve free downloads!

The successful Utrecht producer Pitto has just launched his new project “Pitto’s Patty Tunes”. Pitto’s Patty Tunes is a series of qualitative dancefloor-oriented tracks that will be available as a free download. The first track titled S01E01 can be downloaded on Pitto’s Facebook page.

Pitto acquired international fame in 2009 with the infectious dance floor hits Feelin’ (Rejected) and Sexvibe (Remote Area). Shortly after that he won “De Grote Prijs Van Nederland” (Category: Dance) a big industry competition in the Netherlands.

PITTOHe invested his price money in his debut album Objects in a Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.

This album appeared on the label “Green” from Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal which was a lot more experimental. With “Pitto’s Patty Tunes” he returns to a dancefloor-oriented style from which he gained the most notoriety.

“Pitto’s Patty Tunes” is the latest brainchild of the idiosyncratic producer “I have a lot of tracks, edits and sketches that, for various reasons, have never seen the daylight before.”

These tracks have usually only been heard during live-sets from Pitto and DJ sets from fellow DJs and producers.
The first track titled S01E01 is available from today, you can download it for free via Facebook.


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