09 juni 2013 - 11:16

As promised sunday the 19th of may 2013 was a legendary day! DJ Dyna took over Rotterdam with his successtory: Sexed Up.
The Maassilo Rotterdam was totally sold out with more than over 3000 party people witnessing something out of the ordinary.

The organization would like to thank everybody for the love and positive energy. Sexed Up will be back in #010.
For the upcoming sexed up tourdates and more info visit:


Free download: Sexed Up ‘The mixtape part 7’ [2013]
Mixed by Dyna & hosted by MC Ambush .
downloadlink: http://www.sexedup.nl/2013/?albums=dyna-sexed-up-the-mixtape-part-7

Upcoming Sexed Up events

  • Friday 28th of june @Bermuda Eindhoven
  • Saturday 29th of june @Hardersplaza Harderwijk
  • Sunday 28th of july @Beachclub vroeger –Bloemendaal aan zee-
  • Sunday 25th of august @Beachclubvroeger – Bloemendaal aan zee-

Sexed Up Dynamite is officially supported by: 010 bookings – The Confettimaker – Cupcakechic – Druk24uur.nl – VI promo – SC concept & design – Hairstudio no limits – Prostyle media – Lee entertainment – Club judge & Fun x.
Sexed Up is a division of D&C Music www.sexedupworld.com www.facebook.com/sxdupworld

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