30 november 2017 - 22:10


From the people, for the people

PEOPLE is a new born party concept.  For the first edition, we present you ELECTRONIC PEOPLE. Leading us through the night and planting a seed in our brains.
We selected a few artists we admire in the electronic music scene:

Line up



Nosedrip a.k.a Ziggy Devriendt is one of Belgium’s finest DJ’s / selectors. When he’s not busy on the online multimedia platform Stroom.tv, or on several other music projects, you will find him working in one of Ghent’s best record stores, Music Mania. He will take us through the night with his extraordinary selection of sophisticated weirdo music like no-one else does.

Louis Vogue

Louis Vogue is a DJ and record collector based in Brussels. He is the founder of the Call For Cuts podcasts and parties. In his genre-defying sets he ties together balearic, disco, afro housee, funk and beyond. This eclectic taste is what sets him apart and has shaped his identity as a truly diverse DJ.

Jacobin (Live) 

Multi-instrumentalist Jasper Segers (Ex-Soldier’s Heart) will present his brand new live solo project, Jacobin. What to Expect? Interesting, danceable and atmospheric sounds, rolling out of his synths. Keep an eye on this genius.

Blue Bird Paradise

Blue Bird Paradise is an eccentric bird that takes you back and forth through his record bag not knowing where to end. Known as one of the co-founders of People and Booty Rave Festival. No nonsense disco and serious house will keep the social housing together. Don’t get lost if you suddenly hear balearic drums or afro rhythms.

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