13 december 2017 - 10:02


Have you been GOOD or NAUGHTY?

Take the opportunity to apologize or to ask for your last-minute present directly to the one and only Santa Claus! He will be there with his elves and renders and you will have the chance to take a picture with him!

Jingle Bells, All I Want for Christmas is you, Let is snow and all your favorite Christmas hits on one special night!

This and more at the ERASMUS CHRISTMAS PARTY!
After days and weeks spent studying, the time to party has come! And what a better way to do so than by celebrating with our lovely ERASMUS family?

With exams over and holidays around the corner, it’s time to unwind your inner child to enjoy Christmas!

The party will take place at Superdisco for a student-friendly price at only 5€!
Make sure you get your official ‘Superdisco’ bracelet by contacting one of the names below:

Thomas Cecchini: +393934751184 (Wapp)
Antonio Cambio: +393455008975
Can Ilgaz: +32468122804
Immanuel Colombo: +31614444830
Alessandro Rolla: +393494678361

And if you don’t wanna miss the chance to celebrate properly, then get your VIP table ASAP by contacting one of the organizers!

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