26 september 2012 - 17:01
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EYEBALLIN is there 2 open your eyes for new talent and 2 open up for all the beautiful ugly things in life that don’t make sense without EYEBALLIN them.

Every talent has the right to be eyeballed!

EYEBALLIN is all about appreciating talent, creativity and combining the unusual. During an EYEBALLIN event visitors get to EYEBALL: Dj’s , singers, fashion and photo expositions of eyeballers.

It’s not allowed 2 EYEBALL without protection. To be sure you are EYEBALLIN safely, we will make you wear your sunglasses at night! (obligated)

Get ready for something that you’ve never experienced before. We judge reality by the response of our senses:

Every month we will select an EYEBALLER of the month. This EYEBALLER will be the face of the upcoming flyer/poster! The EYEBALLER OF THE MONTH is talented, creative and remarkable in it’s own special way.

The first EYEBALLER of the month is Ruben Solognier, he is also well known as one of the lead actors in the Dutch dance movie BODYLANGUAGE and he used to be one of the main characters of the DUTCH serie onderweg naar morgen. Now he’s working as a model and working on new projects.

All EYEBALLER portraits will be exposed in the club as a real exposition. All EYEBALLIN editions will start with a live performance starring a musical talent who will blow us away with his or her live acoustic performance.

The rest of the evening will be filled with unusual musical experiences, your senses will be filled with: Deepsjit, reggae and techhouse


  • Waxfiend (Reggae)
  • Cincity’S Yazz (Diepsjit/Tech)
  • Timothy Watt (Diepsjit/Tech)
  • Fullscale (Reggae/Hip Hop)
  • Tom Verstappen (Techhouse)
  • Eagleman (Deepsjit,Reggae)
  • Ray Escobar (Reggae/Diephipsjithop)

Dresscode: Wear your sunglasses at night
In collaboration with ZIPPER store

Chicago social club
Entree: FREE

Sunday OKT 7 ‘the beginning’ at CHICAGO SOCIAL CLUB in Amsterdam

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