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After a very busy and succesfull Kick off party last month, Saturday April 20 temperatures will rise again during a new high tech deephouse and techno clubnight in Amsterdams hotspot with a killer soundsystem!! Club Panama…. calling out….

RENE ENGEL (we are E)
Tim Schilder (Outsiders)
HIGHtower ([Outsiders)


What does Suruba mean? In Portuguese, especially in Brazil, Suruba is the word for an orgy. A wild party, a sinful bacchanal.

Nowadays, translated to musical language, Suruba could mean a cool party club cheered by some sort of quality music, both fresh and fun; the one where you can’t stop dancing even to ask for another drink. The perfect soundtrack for that good vibe party that keeps on until the sun reaches its top, or beyond.

After knowing each other while both studied design, and after a couple of years working separately as dj’s, producers and promoters, Delmar and Alvaro take the step of uniting under the badge “Los Suruba”.

Their productions have also made them known as one of the main pieces of young underground musicians in Spain. Out of their study come nothing but serious beats, severe and electronic, elaborate but coming out naturally, best for making the crowd move.
these guys are taking over the world in warp speed, so don,t miss out this change to see them live…

RENE ENGEL (we are E)

The old school Detroit house scene certainly has his constant attention as well. From the more obscure and unknown gems he discovers, to the more well-known artists in these genres: they make him tick. It is the borderless love and passion for special music, filled with the sound of yesterday which Rene translates effortless to contemporary dance floors.

“I feel it as my duty to translate the special feeling I get from this music to my djsets.” Gigs at Paradiso, Poema, Indian Summer Festival, 18hrs Festival, Woodstock 69, Stalker, 12 Inch City and Gramdioos all reflect this. The raging crowd at his closing set on Queensday is the best example, Rene says. “Closing after Gabriel Ananda and taking a mere five thousand people on my musical journey, is priceless.”

The first release Rene Engel did was a collab with Kid Culture and was released on Amsterdam based Bitten Records. This 2000 and One and Sandy Huner label gave wings to the release, which got support by Karotte, Dubfire, Deetron and Hermanez, to name a few. June 2012 another collab with Kid Culture was released. “He means true inspiration to me.

Without him the Visions EP never existed.” The track was released by Sincopat, with remix work by X-Press2 and AFFKT. Studio work continues and more and more people are interested in what is next for Rene Engel. He is convinced it’s his job to make sure the expectations get fulfilled. “I aim pretty high. Think Nuno Dos Santos his record choice and dynamic sets. Think the way an artist like Dixon makes a night from head to toe.” Was signed, Rene Engel.

HIGHtower (Outsiders)

HIGHtower is also bursting into the scene with crazy speeds. Already playing in the big clubs of Amsterdam and other city’s already, HIGHtower is appreciated because of his melodious and substantive sets.

Tim Schilder (Outsiders)
Upcoming Talent Tim Schilder is definitely one to watch. Already well known by the incrowd of Amsterdam for his grooving rhythms and subby style, Schilder knows how to get the people dancing.


Open: 23.00 hr till late
Presale: euro 9,99 (www.panama.nl)
Oostelijke handelskade 4

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