25 augustus 2016 - 22:10

From Nijmegen with Love is back with a special edtion : Female artist only !
For this special edtion we got only the heavyweight djs from Germany and Holland.

Let’s start with :

Esther Duijn

Esther Duijn resident in the world famous Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) Club,Berlin
Esther Duijn‘s sound is characterised by the deep and solid side of techno and house music. Growing up in The Netherlands shaped Esther’s music as she absorbed the rich Dutch scene of the time.

Having released on labels like Fred P’s Soul People Music, Portuguese Exquisite Music, and the Belgian Coïncidence Records, solo and also with her long-time production partner Steady Douglas as “Duijn & Douglas”, Duijn has shown her skill as a producer and a DJ, with over 18 vinyl releases under her belt.

This has not gone unnoticed by the scene, earning her resident DJ slots at Tresor and Sisyphos, both in Berlin and appearances at Panorama bar, Freerotation Festival, Berns and Trouw, along with countless other clubs and festivals across Europe and beyond.

Number two

Gabriela Penn performs live at this party !

Gabriela Penn’s techno tracks always have a nice funky groove, combined with some nice warm, deep melodies. With a strong eye for detail, her deep grooves are surely going to make you move. Her first track ‘Radioactive Elephants From Mars “was immediately in the Beatport Top 100. Gabriela consistently delivers glorious techno mixes that demonstrate her excellent technical skills as well as her ability to engage the audience. There are gentle moments elegantly timed in the center, and exotic signatures laced throughout the entire mix. These traits balance well with the explosive peaks and climax that convincingly send you off into a night of amorous robots, majestic caverns, and colorful denizens. It is a landscape we will look forward to visiting again and again.

Hero of the last edition of From Nijmegen with Love

Jeane Isadou
Full charge techno !
As a musician, Jeane Isadou definitely benefited from her upbringing.
Her rhythmic feeling and passion for music bring a positive energy to her music. Her personal style is deep dark minimal and techno.

in 2015 she became resident of Orange Room( Nijmegen.
Jeane Isadou is also a part of the agency called XT3 ( ) and a artist at Mecanik records ( )

Jeane Isadou has also worked in several clubs, such as the Sugar Factory, Studio 80, Poema, Waalhalla,Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse, Beatclub,Lindenberg, Akhnaton,Platinum,de Kroeg, Kronkel, Zwart Goud, Tgat and club Schlaflos in Switzerland

Last but not least 

Chaos Republic is back in Nijmegen …Welcome back Dena !
As a real music lover expect the unexpected from her !
Yardena (aka Chaos Republic or Panthera Onca) is one of the female members from the Noxgenus Recordings Collective- part of the Lomechanik roster- and radioshow-host at
You won’t be able to pigeonhole her record choice since she won’t conform herself by just playing one type of genre.

From weird electronix to mutant strains of techno, acid, breaks, a pinch of hiphop, long lost forgotten rave tunes, heavy bass electro, braindance and beyond!

After all these years in the battlefield her mixing skills still aren’t flawless but she definitely will surprise you as a thru selectah on lysergic acid diethylamide.

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