16 december 2017 - 13:18


The Final curtain call… The last edition of Illusion Re:United AT LA ROCCA before it closes…

For us this is an emotional edition: both Illusion and La Rocca were legendary clubs in the house scene, both in Lier, both faced with the end of a journey… Ours ended a few years ago… For La Rocca (as we know it) the journey ends in 2018…

But the end is not an end… It’s a new beginning…

This event is a living proof of it!

So let’s celebrate this last Illusion Re:United in La Rocca as we know it today… 2 iconic names join forces to bring you an epic night… full of memories!

So La Rocca… be prepared for an invasion… An invasion of 100% retro, trance and groove… an invasion of Illusion
Prepare for Illusion Re:United – A night where only memories matter!
January 27th at La Rocca Lier

With dj’s Wout, Philip, Jan, Jean Delaru, A-Tom-X, Seelen, Kurt, Stijn VM and David DM

Prepare for the classics
Prepere for Illusion!

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