10 oktober 2017 - 13:50

Niels Broos/Umoja/PitchControllerMitch/JamiePeet/Rebiere

INI Sessions is back again.

Charged with bulks of energy, life experience and new family members, we are yearning for a new playground.  The intention is simple: to bridge the gap between DJ’s and live performers.  DJ’s are flexible and versatile, serving mastered sounds and mixes to put people in a groove and take them on a journey.

A musician on the other hand is immediate and direct, trained to bang out musical ideas on the spot, giving a most unique experience every time.

This night, both will gather at once, riding together, engaging in a dialogue with each other in order to find different ways to make a party. We welcome you to harmonise with us on a fun and interesting dancefloor!


Niels Broos (James Zoo) on keys. Jamie Peet on drums. Rebiere (Lucas van Ee/Gallowstreet) on Horns and beats. Umoja on the decks and other electronic toys. PitchControllerMitch on the decks and Vocals and expect some special guest musicians/artists we can’t be to specific about….

Check out  for the vibes!

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