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Boundary-pushing producer Kramnik returns with Kramnik 3.0 EP and 4.0 EP. Containing everything from Mongolian throat music to bone chilling sound effects, the releases demonstrate that we are witness to an artist who is setting new standards when it comes to dark, experimental EDM.

Kramnik 3.0 EP is out on TripleFire Music. Kramnik 4.0 EP is a Kram Records release, the label is dedicated to exploring ‘the darker and more eclectic side of techno, minimal and progressive.’

Combined, the releases represent a hefty slice of creativity. Opening track on Kramnik 3.0 EP, Mongolium, speaks to an emerging theme in his broader body of work – the use of attention grabbing samples.

On this track appears the aforementioned Mongolian throat music. A traditional style called Hoomii, this is a unique type of singing where the vocalist produces two distinct tones at the same time – a drone and a melody. It reverberates through the track, giving it an intensely shamanistic quality.

Overtone wobbles along in a way that makes you want to pretend you’re stuck in the mud when you dance, whilst on Kramnik 4.0 EP, Harmuk’s harmonicas spread out their chords in a major-key overture that would be an incredible accompaniment to a sunrise.

Pangea is genuinely frightening and wouldn’t be out of place as the soundtrack to a futuristic horror movie. Eerie samples glide like ghosts in and out of a taught, dark track and the listener is drawn almost unwillingly to their speakers to try and decipher the multiple layers and identify the monsters lurking within.

KRAMNIKThe releases are a precursor to an incredibly exciting piece of news. Kramnik’s first full-length album is nearing completion and is to be released in the early part of 2012. This eagerly awaited record will also be released on Kram Records.

The music press have been incredibly receptive to Kramnik’s previous releases. called Kramnik 1.0 EP “the best, if not probably the best EP we’ve listened to… because of its complexity, because of its sound, because of its harmonies.” They went on to say that because of Kramnik ‘there is still hope in this thing called electronic music’.

Kramnik 2.0 EP received similarly high praise both from the press and from the online community (Kramnik is well known for giving away his music for free). ‘One to watch,’ said iDJ of this artist – a true seal of approval.

The release rounds off an incredible year for Kramnik. As well as making waves with a number of critically acclaimed releases, his live mixes have been featured on a wide number of influential outlets including the huge (39 million listener huge) Sirius XM Radio show.

He also has two fantastic radio shows of his own, “Invisible Radio Show” and “Invisible Talk Show”, both of which can be found via the artist’s website. And his YouTube channel is a bountiful spot for EDM fans, containing some amazing visuals to accompany many Kramnik tracks. Check out his YouTube channel!

Kramnik 4.0 EP is out from today on Kram Records and available on and all other online music retailers.

Kramnik’s “Invisible Radio Show” Part 6
Kramnik’s “Invisible Talk Show” Part 2

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