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Mixes from Timo Maas, Nick Warren, Hans Bouffmyhre and SQL

EDM master craftsman Kramnik will return soon with the release of his first full-length album, “Dark Matters”.

Highly revered within the electronic music community, Kramnik effortlessly combines flawless production skills with a fearless approach to sampling throughout.

Progressive techno is the spinal cord of “Dark Matters”, with each track a journey through an atmospheric soundscape. Kramnik’s bulletproof understanding of the conventions of the genre has given him license to throw that rulebook out the window.

It is intensely cerebral work, music for the true connoisseur.
“Dark Matters” also comes with a hefty remix package based around the album’s most startling and brilliant tracks, Viclone, M1 and Mongolium.

Mongolium is given the star treatment with remixes by Timo Maas and Nick Warren. Maas delivers an incredible deep, dark track that represents some of his best ever work.

His desire to pursue a less mainstream sound and return to his underground roots is paying off big time. Warren, as is to be expected, breaks the mould with a track that is the furthest away from Kramnik’s original techno sound, planting its feet firmly in the progressive house arena. Additional remixes are included from Hans Bouffmyhre and SQL for a grand total of four not-to-be-missed new tunes.

A selection of EPs, tactfully distributed via Soundcloud and released on Kramnik’s own label, Kram Records, meant tracks ended up in the record bags of some impressive names. Dark Matters Remixes has got already massive support from, Sven Vath, Sasha, Luciano, Stephan Bodzin, Danny Howells, Nic Fanciulli, M.A.N.D.Y., Nathan Fake, Guy J, Paco Osuna, Luke Slater, Alan Fitzpatrick, Pig and Dan, Umek including some great media feedback from, DMC World, Beats and Beyond, Klubbers, Igloo Mag and Focus.

Kramnik – Dark Matters Remixes Volume 2 is out from today on Kram Records and available on and all other online retailers.

Soundcloud links

Kramnik – Mongolium (Timo Maas Remix)
Kramnik – Mongolium (Nick Warren Remix)
Kramnik – Viclone (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)
Kramnik – M1 (SQL Remix)
Kramnik – “Dark Matters” Video:
Kramnik’s “Invisible Radio Show”:
Kram Records “Drop Box” (open to promos):

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