20 juni 2016 - 12:46

Hi everybody!

Here’s a little story and history of the Anonymous Alchemists. FIVE years ago this Sept, while living in Berlin, Chuckles decided to throw an epic party for Neil’s 30th birthday. We gathered a lineup of artists so unprecedented so talented and so rich in their variety that the event was called MEGA-DELIC3000, and Anonymous Alchemists (AA) was formed.

The response of MEGA-DELIC3000 was so positive that Chuckles and Neil (with the help of great friends, family and crew) organized more AA ‘meetings’ whenever they had the time and resources. So, five adventurous years have passed us by. And to celebrate 5 years of AA and Mr. Gibson’s 35th year of being awesome and cheating death or alien abduction, that we are here to invite you all to……. (drum roll) MEGA-DELIC 3500!!!!!

On Sept 9, 2016, for this special occasion were moving shop over to Antwerp’s Petrol Club. We feel they can provide a good setting for this blast: a good sound system, nice dance floor and the freedom to play all the wicked music! Not to mention that Petrol will be closing it’s doors for good soon after this event, so we have decided to give everyone a send-off in style!!

Hosted by Antwerp’s own Arcade Disfunction cadets along with the Anonymous Alchemists, we’ll turn the place on it’s face and blast off to hyperspace!

And the man who will provide musical accompaniment for surfing the cosmic waves of hyperspace is none other than the one and only PSYKOVSKY!! He is an experience pilot who will guide our mind-rockets to the edge of time and beyond and back again. Some call him a god, some say he’s the devil. Some say its horror – some call it enlightenment… Some… just like his hair. All we know for sure is…. you gotta hear/see it to believe it!

The Visual element of the event be provided by the birthday-boy himself and friends. Neil will be showcasing a selective retrospective his latest and greatest hits, as well as adding some new dimensions to his art by creating and presenting video mappings for specific paintings.

For this one we’re taking out all the stops to create a spectacle you’ll surely not forget!!

Full Timetable

opening by MONORF (KERM records, Be)
followed by PSYKOVSKY in concert
and closing by AUDIOSYNTAX (alice-d records, De)

more to come…

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