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Paco Osuna

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Paco Osuna is one of the most renowned artists in the industry. His creativity, courage and relentless search for new forms of expression are some of his principal and consistent virtues when it comes to making music.

On the dance floor, he is lively, intelligent and sophisticated, with a deep awareness for sound aesthetics. Every session is important to Paco and he sets out to invent and renew every time he steps onto the stage.

Andrea Oliva

Andrea Oliva’s current status as an established international headline act is the result of an entirely organic journey.

Having taught himself to DJ at the age of 16, Andrea then started working in a record store where he built his extensive collection of upfront promos and white labels from Europe and beyond and he soon secured bookings at some of Switzerland’s best clubs leading to residencies at Terminus and Pravda. With his status in his home country growing, Andrea teamed up with the owner of Nordstern in Basel, Agi Isaku, and the duo were soon throwing sold out ‘Banditz’ parties across Switzerland.

His reputation took him across the continent and all the way to Ibiza, where in 2004 he was first invited to DJ at Space.

Fer BR live

Fer BR (Mindshake / Minus) is born on October 1984 in Spain , hardly influenced by the Techno scene in 2000.

He is an artist of the new batch of Spanish producers that is gaining attention in the Electronic Dance Music Scene. Specialist creating energetic grooves while elegant ,creating music focused on the dance floor while using futuristic dark funk sounds… This is why his productions have taken the best charts and top sales lists last year receiving Chart and Dj support by many established artist like Carl Cox , Richie Hawtin , Paco Osuna ,Marco Carola or Dubfire.

Nukov & Yelmet

Not exactly sure when, but many years ago, in a galaxy far far away, NUKOV, still a teenager, was working in a bar when his boss said; “hey you, you know a lot about music don’t you? Well, you be the Dj tonight, same pay, but with free drinks”. And so started a strange (blurred) path from small Austrian bars to Spanish beach clubs to Portuguese clubs and parties.

Going from reggae around punk to pounding beats to finally end up in a town called Oostende at the Belgian coast… It was there, when he first encountered a fierce creature called STEVEN YELMET…

In 2003 Steven YELMET bought himself some Technics and a mixer and for the first couple of years, instead of (constantly) masturbating, he practiced playing Techno music in his room day in day out. In October 2011 he dropped his first mixtape in the hands of DJ and party promoter Seba Lecompte. The day after he got a call and 3 weeks later he got his first shot playing MINIBOX @ Decadance. Shortly after that he got picked up by DJ and Krush Club owner Yamo and he got his first residency at KRUSH CLUB, where he is still resident DJ now! At Krush Club he got into contact with a lonely musical drifter called NUKOV..

This was the first encounter of what would become a very close and succesfull cooperation. Together with famous Ostend Bar Tender Jurgen Nobels, they decided to team up to create the party concept: SIRKUS..

For this concept both of them received the opportunity to play a promo set in , yet again 🙂 , Decadance. For this they wanted to have a good time and decided to play B2B. Because it was so much fun playing and the chemistry between them was undenieable they decided to make this a regular thing. Nukov B2B Steven Yelmet was born! After a long fun – and event filled summer a decision had to be made.. They decided to stick together and form the DJ Duo: NUKOV & YELMET!

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