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A DOSE of.. Is an Italian project born from the necessity to fill up our time and life, with “something”, that it’s always missing around us and in our common life style.

A DOSE of.. Is a cocktail of music, art, lights and laser shows, performances, live set, video installations, people, feelings, vibes and sounds, created to underline some of our lacks and apparently support us , even just for few hours, celebrating the life with powerful and colorful events and parties.
A DOSE of.. Is a new meeting point that shares and mix good vibes with good set productions and top artist and international guests like: Silicon Soul, Laura Jones, Francesca Lombardo, Ode Maenn, and many more.

A DOSE OF VAAG… In this occasion, will give at the Italian team a face of internationality, having its debut date outside Italy for the first time, on december 2nd with super guest Francesca Lombardo.




Francesca Lombardo has cultivated a sound of her own, one that represents her multi-disciplinary musical background and transcends the dance floor via an emotional narrative of dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Italian-born and classically trained, Francesca carved her own path in electronic music, criss-crossing the globe as a DJ and live performer, whilst building up a formidable back-catalogue of music.

There’s no doubt that Francesca’s passion and drive for innovation in music is unsurpassed, serving as the fuel to keep her inspired and relevant, and destined to soundtrack the best moments of our lives for years to come.

In consolle, also ANTONIO PONTI and RICKY LEO, 100% Italian dj’s and producers.

Antonio Ponti, is the founder of DOSE , and his passion for music, and for all that is art and creativity, has pushed him to create various different famous format like: VENDUTO, PORT ROYAL pirate party, and mainly KILLER KICCEN , a proper art factory, base and expression of himself and his way to live, promoting constantly music, culture and social commitment in Milano. Antonio Ponti, as a dj, he’s already bringing his powerful deep minimal techno internationally, and he will return this time in Belgium, the place where his musical inspiration come from, since few years.

Riky Leo also in consolle…He is an Italian musician, producer and dj. Born in Milan, he and his musical style, always tense between tech and deep house, is trademarked by relentless and powerful rhythms, and starts to generate a big buzz in the local scene. Eclectic and prolific producer, in 2012 he founds the side project Flatless, along with Italian Dj Vesy. He then gets noticed by the Berlin based “monster label” GET PHYSICAL, that in april 2015, releases his first track published with a major label to date.

To welcome the Italian artists, and to open the first A Dose Of Vaag, ISHTAR will set the tone…
ISHTAR was introduced to the Belgian partyscene around 2000, being 17 years old at the time. After some musical exploring, he kickstarted the Purple Snow events together with Roscoe Deem, wich featured Progressive style line-ups with none other than Son Kite, Ticon and more. This also earned him a spot on the Chech-based label Tribal Vision.

Ishtar’s dj-career exploded wich enabled him to play abroad (Germany, Holland, Mexico, France, Croatia) and at some of Belgian’s finest clubs such as Fuse, SILO, Decadance & Café d’ Anvers. Ishtar vouches for a deep & crispy tech-house sound with sturdy basslines and melodic synths.

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