24 april 2017 - 16:58

After a year of travelling, MOONDAY’s now up to their third planet, the one they used to call home.

Right after they left Venus, they noticed another vessel, ABSTRKT, drifting through space and time. It became clear that they both shared a common purpose: returning to Earth.

ABSTRKT was in hibernation, until they were woken by this loud and noisy passenger. Their vessel had a cool look and the sound it made was good, so they started a journey back to EARTH. We plan to arrive on the last Sunday of april on our holy ground, S&R ROZEBROEKEN!

With Earth being the only planet in their solar system that has an atmosphere, they can finally leave their spaceship and make it an open air occasion.

Moonday meets ABSTRKT.



For a producer who only started releasing music in 2011, Sidney’s achievements are all the more impressive. In the space of just three years, his works have graced bastions of house and techno such as Avotre, 8bit, I Am A House Gangster, Moda Black, Off, VIVa, Kling Klong, SCI+TEC, Suara and Area Remote – each release adding to his clout and helping him to become one of the biggest names in the underground.

And that’s where he wants to stay. He has no lofty aspirations to play arena shows or break through into the mainstream of electronic music. He’d rather stay true to the scene and surroundings he loves and develop and grow therein.


When trying to define their ‘success’, it’s hard to pin it down to just one thing. Perhaps it’s their talent to find that typical groove that has been so widely acclaimed. Or Maybe it’s their ability to connect musical styles spanning over more than 5 decades (and continents) into their sets and productions in such a way that you’re always curious to hear what comes next.

Or could it be because they’re always on the move, searching for that new thing to challenge themselves in their productions and live sets. Whatever it is, it’s keeping them rather busy.


Bombossa Brothers are twins known under names Artur Falgot and Marek Falgot. They are two interesting personalities with one big and single goal: To entertain as many people as possible with their groovy underground sound. In 2016 the twins also released 1 EP & 1 Single.

They signed their first releases to one of the hottest labels at the moment (Elrow Music). Record was signed to exclusive “WMC Miami Compilation”. Their EP called Circo was picked by Horatios label (Natural Rhythm) who’s label have been highly supported by legendary Carl Cox, Marco Carola and many more.


‘What a DJ does is this: he knows music. The DJ knows music better than you, better than your friends, better than everyone on the dance floor or in the record shop’ (…) ‘A truly great DJ, just for a moment, can make a whole room fall in love’. (from Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton)


Lebawski is a deejay with early roots in hip hop and drum and bass. As a Decadance resident and co-founder of Moonday, he often switches between house and techno instead of sticking with one style, to maintain some sort of storytelling throughout his sets.

As a young child Nelson was fascinated by African percussion. He loved the rhythm and the high energy of the music. His real affair with music started when he discovered techno and Tech house. Today Nelson combines the best of both worlds by evoking the same ambiance and passion in his sound.


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– First wave group ticket (5 persons)
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