04 juni 2017 - 19:12

Sunday september 10
All Day Long with Maceo Plex

Maceo Plex (Ellum)

Up for our thirth edition we’re very honoured to announce Maceo Plex. For nearly two decades Maceo Plex has pushed himself relentlessly, broadening his sound as a producer, challenging himself as a DJ, methodically upping his game and securing his spot in the top of the world’s best artists.

This will be one of only two gigs this entire summer and his first time ever to play all day long in The Netherlands. We’re save to say that we’re in for a unique day at the beach.


Playing extended sets is a true art. It requires an ear for track selection and the skills to create an atmosphere throughout the day. It asks for patience, devotion and focus that only few are capable of.

Hearing an artist all day long means you’ll experience the whole range of a dj, who’ll be challenged to dig deep in his collection, experiment and play tracks you’ve never heard before. Add to this the surroundings of Woodstock and we think we’ve found the perfect ingredients for a musical journey.


Ticket sales start Wednesday 24 May at 12:00pm

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