02 juni 2017 - 10:26

ARE YOU READY FOR A FABULOUS GROTESQUE MUSIC NIGHT IN AMSTERDAMWith only a few weeks to go, the promising Grotesque Music Night at Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam is approaching quickly.

While festival season has just kicked off but sunny weather’s hard to find, we’re making sure you stay warm and dry, dancing all night at one of the most amazing, industrial venues in Amsterdam. Awaiting you with the mighty fine line-up of Alex M.O.R.P.H., Coming Soon , Arctic Moon , Artento Divini and Marc den Heijer , the Grotesque crew is eager to start a little countdown!

The Warehouse

At a stripped down location, one of the first dance clubs back in the 90’s, it’ll be all about the music. Grotesque will bring an ode to the oldskool raves, diving deep into the underground feel of the legendary Multigroove parties of 25 years ago. At Warehouse Elementenstraat is where it all happened – and where it will happen, once again.

Alex M.O.R.P.H.

The German based Alex Morph from Germany needs little introduction, more than once he has used his musical qualities on Grotesque in the past 8 years. With his melodic music, he always gets the attention of the audience. For an impression of his music, check out the Alex Morph Soundcloud for some great mixes.

Coming Soon

A little less known in NL, but certainly a strong addition to the lineup, the Israel based psytrance duo Coming Soon !!! For those who heard them in ASOT on February, it will be more than clear. For those who do not know their music yet. Check out the Coming Soon Soundcloud.

Arctic Moon

Poland’s Arctic Moon is a very active producer in the Trance scene, since his early age, he has produced many tracks, mostly uplifting trance in the last 10 years. Also at the Grotesque Music label he already released music. Here is also a link to the Soundcloud of Arctic Moon

Artento Divini

In the early years he was a resident of Grotesque alongside Ram , after some years in the studio as a good producer, he is back in the trance scene and we are pleased to be able to present him at our event again. Do you want to know what he is doing now at the moment? Check his Artento Divini Soundcloud.

Marc den Heijer

Coming from The Hague and has been in the around in the EDM for some time now. Since 2006 already an active DJ / producer who has found his passion in Trance in the recent years. Listen to his music on his Soundcloud

Mc Stretch –

This English Dutchman started his career as an MC at Tiësto in 2003 and has been travelling around the world ever since, has all the big festivals in his name. He knows like no other MC how to stir up the audience in the good vibes of the music..

Ticket info

Tickets are available here. Last tickets for €26,50 will be sold these days, after this the regular price of €29,50 will come into effect.. For more info, check the website:

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