30 mei 2016 - 17:40

The aliens have landed…
It’s distressing, but they’re here.
They piloted their flying saucer
Through our atmosphere…

They landed like a meteor
Engulfed in smoke and flame.
To rock our planet with true Hardcore
Confident and without any shame…

Saturday June 11th is the day the world will change. For a long period the media has warned us for the day to come. With top-secret clearance only, World leaders have been preparing humanity for what might be the most shocking event to ever happen.

We are not alone, and this world is not unique. The first public encounter is bound to take place and will not pass by unnoticed. But is this really the first encounter? Or have they always been around us…

Brace yourself for the Hardest encounter!

The Festival

After 6 previous indoor editions, which were all completely sold out, this spring BKJN events will present you the very first edition of BKJN vs. Partyraiser Festival. The concept which proved itself all over to be the hardest indoor event from The Netherlands hereby takes not only a big step forward, but also will go outdoors.

And by choosing the famous Silverdome in Zoetermeer as location, it immediately establishes itself as the only Hardcore Festival in the Dutch Western rural area.

As usual with BKJN events this won’t be just some regular festival, but one that takes place both inside the massive ice hockey stadium as the outdoor festival area. No less than 15 hours straight everybody can go fully mental in 4 different area’s and enjoy the outdoor chill-out with food corners, merchandising stands among other things.

Partyraiser exclusive

Highlight of the festival of course will be the very first 7 hour set by Partyraiser. With his own area he will surprise everybody when he will turn the Silverdome upside down with his fellow DJ’s in special battles. First he will close the outdoor mainstage with a special half hour surprise act, which will be announced later.

Straight after he will turn the big inside arena into a spectacular area where he will give you a night to remember like only he can do: Partyraiser Stylo.

The complete line-up is from extraterrestrial order and is as followed:

Beter Partyraiser – Indoor MainStage 22.00 – 07.00

Partyraiser – 7 hour exclusive set
vs. Angerfist
vs. The Sickest Squad
vs. Destructive Tendencies
vs. Unexist
vs. Drokz
vs. Tieum
vs. Repix
vs. SRB
vs. dj darkcontroller
Dr. Peacock LIVE
Dj DaY-mar
Da Mouth Of Madness

Beter kom je Niet – Outdoor MainStage 16.00 – 22.30

Miss K8
F. NoIzE
Partyraiser special endshow to be annouched!
Dj Mad Dog
Andy The Core
Evil Activities
Dj AniMe
D-Fence LIVE
MC Tha Watcher

Harder dan de Rest – Uptempo & Terror 22.00 – 07.00

The Destroyer
WARS Industry
DJ The-Vizitor
Dj Cryogenic
Goetia Riot Girl
Vandalism Official
Noisekick LIVE
Chaotic Hostility
DJ Smurf – Newcastle, England
Deterrent Man
Mc No-iD

Vive la Frenchcore – Frenchcore 16.00 – 22.00

Peacock Records LIVE
The Braindrillerz
Brutal Jesters
Hyrule War
Johnny Napalm
The Speed Freak
Marcus Decks
Mr. Ivex
Para Italia
The Mastery
Mc No-iD

The Show

Everybody who visited Enter the Dome already knows, when BKJN goes big they go all-in! Expect a record amount of lasers, LED, decorations and special effects in a show that will be spoken about for ages.

But besides the show of course one thing is most important: the sound. Both indoor and outdoor, BKJN will work with the highest care to deliver a massive sound system so that we will remain champion of the hardest events!

Fact: Did you know the outdoor mainstage will be no less than 30 meters wide and 20 meters high?!

Tickets & VIP

Tickets are available for € 45,- ex fee.
Also the last VIP tickets are on sale now. These tickets give you the privilege of entering via a special VIP entrance, and you will receive a VIP bracelet which gives you access to the VIP decks and toilets. VIP tickets only cost 10 euro’s extra.

4 areas

in & outdoor
15 hours
50+ artists
Partyraiser!! 7 hour (exclusive) set !!
Silverdome Stadium

Online: BKJN events & www.beterkomjeniet.nl 
Shop: all Primera shops (Holland)

Die-Hard: SOLD OUT
Regular: € 45,- (ex. fee)
V.I.P. : € 55,00 (ex. Fee) including vip entrance & acces to v.i.p. decks

Bustours: official partners

contact: info@eventtravel.nl 

Omira on Tour
contact: Djomira@telenet.be 

(West/South Germany)
contact: info@hardtours.de 

(North/East Germany)
contact: info@feierreisen.de 

contact: contact@festimove.com 

Akkros Voyages
contact: info@akkros.fr 

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