18 februari 2017 - 10:28

BootyNight is calling two international guests to the stand!

DJ SLUGO – (Chicago – Dance Mania Records)
Kaptain Cadillac – (Paris – Booty Call Records)

Dj Kronic – (Resident – Spanking Records)
Chao Xin – (Resident – Spanking Records)
Zymotic – (Resident – Spanking Records)

From deep in the mean streets of Chicago’s infamous South Side, in the heart of the ghetto, we summon on DJ SLUGO!


Since the 90’s Slugo released dozens of tracks on DANCE MANIA, tracks that later became true Booty Classics! Later he joined forces with the colleagues from Detroit and released some epic tracks for DATABASS RECORDS. Few producers can say they create timeless anthems that define a genre and are able to stand the test of time especially in electronic music. Active since the early inception of ghetto house DJ Slugo has created some of them with ‘Would you like to be a Ho’, ‘Cardboard booty’ and ‘114799’ better known as the Godzilla track.

Also in the Ghetto-House:
Kaptain Cadillac (Paris, Booty Call Records)


The Booty Call Records producer has been leading the charge in the Ghettohouse revival in Europe which breaks the spiral of the ever faster BPMs in the booty genre over the last years.
His track WTWA was listed by Dave Clarke as one of the best of Techno 2016 and his latest Trunk EP is getting worldwide support.

A strong name in his hometown and getting noticed Internationally with passages in Chicago, London, Berlin, Barcelona and more…
After his notable passage at From Boogie to Booty, we are very pleased to finally invite him on Bootynight.

As usual we top shit of with our BootyNight residents:

Chao Xin, Zymotic and Dj Kronic (Spanking Records)
No more need to define these turntable wacko’s!

See you in CLUB VAAG!

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