04 augustus 2017 - 13:18

BREAKFAST CLUB ANNOUNCES ADE PROGRAMMEBreakfast Club will be back again on Saturday October 21st during ADE with a smashing edition, spread out over 3 areas at RADION Amsterdam with an appetizing programme and a free of charge breakfast. This time, the unique concept revolves around a varying array of artists such as Margaret Dygas , Dr. Rubinstein and Peggy Gou.

There will be a delicate role for virtuoso Blawan , who will show a captivating side of his artistry with a special BFC set. This will complement the idea of a full force daytime club festival that is not to miss.


Blawan, who will make his BFC debut with a special performance, has a more seductive sound that he is willing to show. Perlon’s Margaret Dygas will lock the audience in with her immense music knowledge. Last year’s ADE she played a killer set so no wonder they decided to invite her again. Acid queen and full-time digger Dr. Rubinstein will surely impress with some of the hardest records to find. She proved to be a perfect match during the New Years Day celebration.

Berlin based Peggy Gou captured a lot of hearts of music lovers over the past few years with her pulsing house and techno sets. Lapien , who has released a well-received EP on Mistress last year is going to play an exclusive live set. His ever-developing productions are inseparable from subtle alterations.

Claire Morgan is well known for her slick, dexterous throwdowns whenever she plays. Her performance will most definitely have a large impact on the dance floor. BFC resident Tom Liem dived deep during last year’s ADE edition with a dazzling set and he will return on the line up.


Previous editions have proved that BFC is where the magic happens during those hazy morning hours, and BFC resident duo CAIM (a collaboration between Mark Antoni and Tommy Kornuijt ) will undoubtedly contribute to that atmosphere. The frivolous and energetic collective from Nijmegen that goes by the name of The Tribe are invited to host the third area.

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