24 september 2016 - 17:10

Last 5 years we were sold out SO get your tickets in time!

When. 31 / 12 / 2016
Where. Oud Sint Jan (Zonnekemeers, 8000 Brugge)
What. A Difference in Style! (Open 23PM – 7AM)

Quality in Style

We aim to deliver you a high quality experience where style and comfort are key. Your New Years Eve will start off in class. With a strict dresscode, stylized interior and extra services to provide you a maximum of comfort.

Good Music

Selecting a perfect mix of Bruges’ top DJs allows us to bring you a buffet of music. Ranging from dance-classics to the newest trendy tracks. This way we can make sure to bring you a wide variety of styles and flavours to appeal all audiences and ages.

18+ Party

With MMXVI we target the 18+ audience so everyone can enjoy a mature switch to 2016. Infact, this is the only party for adults. Our event is built to fulfill the wishes of all our visitors above 18 ranging from the drinks to the atmosphere to the music

Extra Comfort

You will celebrate in style, and with style comes great comfort to create a stress free night out. We offer lockers, large cloakroom, luxury toilets, VIP… At midnight we will provide you a smashing countdown with the finest music and necessary effects.

18+ event: This WILL be checked at the entrance, tickets are NON refundable.

MMXVII is a stylish event, so dress to impress!
(you WILL be refused at the entrance when wearing casual / unacceptable clothing)

LINE-UP (3 rooms)




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