05 juni 2017 - 16:55

Cultronic is back ! this time with a weekend edition at our homebase Decadance !

For this edition we invited End of Mortal Life and Slyrs. End of mortal life will provide you a dj set filled with his own made melancholic and raw sensitive tracks for 2 hours, it’s his first time in Belgium so don’t miss him !

Our second headliner Slyrs who opened the visa room at the first edition of Ragnalog is back! Come and check him out and Maybe you’ll hear his interesting releases on labels like messe noire,grounded,..

Oh and by the way, it’s spastik’s birthday so make sure he’s having a full room as birthdaygift 😉


End of Mortal Life (FR- Taro records,Messe Noire records ,Silteplay)

End of Mortal Life (Messe Noire Records): Inspired by a multitude of horizons, he perfects sets and productions of all kinds. He is a fan of power and originality in different places and circles in Rennes. He offers dynamic sets without concessions with worldwide references. Passing by post-punk and modern inspirations, it is industrial, acid and other sweets broken that make him take his foot and forge his identity.

Producer and DJ, he signed in 2017 on Various Artists such as Messe Noire Records and FBM Roster, or even an exclusivity on Taro Record with artists such as Hakko, Moth, Animal Holocaust, LNA, ZNZL and Vonshk. ‘Others … An EP in June 2017, which is in full factory producing industrial metals is expected on Messe Noire Record.

Slyrs (Fr – Instinkt, messe noire records, grounded)

Beyond his passion for music, SLYRS has developped a sense of technophile combined with the passion for industrial techno genre, which leads to create an atmospheric, dark and unstoppable melodies throughout his works.

He participated to many gigs with his crew Instinkt in Lille (Baron Club, Polygon Club ) and which has guested one duo from Paris , Moth which was their first booking ever.

Spastik (BE – Wrongnotes, Ragnalog) 

Fresh newcomer in the scene Spastik will make you go hard with his special taste for industrial music. He made his debut earlier this year with some banger sets at the editions of cultronic and at the last of ragnalog, now he’s back with more raw sounds.

Prizrak (Be – Ragnalog, Cultronic) 

As founder and resident of Ragnalog and Cultronic based at Decadance, Prizrak is always trying to push his limits, bringing you the best he can do. With his melancholic and hypnotic melodies, brutal distorted sounds and hard-to-hardcore kicks, you’ll travel through dimensions of techno with him.

Nknwn (Be – Drempel,clouds events) 

If you’re from Aalst than we don’t have to present you these 2 bad boys from Drempel and Clouds events. They will do a warm-up set before our headliner slyrs. Although they’re doing a warm-up set, don’t forget that they’re known for their hard and smashing sets. So prepare yourself for a hard warm up.

Bankser (Be)

Newcomer in the scene, he’s gonna play a warm up set for NKNWN !

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