06 juni 2016 - 12:45

DIY as a concept is an ode to the Do-It-Yourself ethic, which was a movement from the late 70’s and early 80’s onwards. In this period, a big wave of anti-consumerism came up, together with new music styles like Punk and New Wave.

This new attitude promoted the idea that anyone is capable of doing anything, instead of relying on paid specialists to do it for you – which resulted in music being made in bedrooms and garages instead of high end studios.

This ideology was – and still is – also the foundation for music styles like Techno, House, New Beat, EBM etc. Because this approach ensures that the music stays close to the artist, which makes it more personal, we wanted to capture this ethic within a club-night.

For our first event we invited five very talented people, who work hard, mostly for themselves. First of all, we’ve invited Chicago based Marquis Cooper, also known as Svengalisghost, a DJ/Producer who embodies the DIY ethic like no other. Solely relying on his own view and set of skills, he evolves only by practice and selfstudy. He even mentioned this himself in an interview on the Truants Blog: “I’m a DIY type mug. You have to pick up a book and right now with the Internet everything’s at a click of a button. It’s so amazing; this is probably one of the trippiest times to be around.”

Next to Marquis, we’ve also invited one of New York’s rising stars: Aurora Halal. Besides being a great DJ/Producer, she also runs events like Mutual Dreaming and Sustain-Release in the States. She also makes visual art, which often is used at her events as visuals. Her skills involve almost every aspect of club culture – from music, to visuals, to organizing – which shows her (successful) DIY approach.

Lastly, we welcome the three masterminds behind The Hague’s success-label BAKK – Steve Motto, The Social Lover and Randstad. They recently re-released Legowelt’s most wanted Dark Days LP on vinyl, not to forget that BAKK’s second release was a split EP by Aurora Halal and Haron, which was Aurora’s first ever EP release.


# Svengalisghost (L.i.e.s. / Russian Torrent Versions, Us)
# Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming, Sustain Release, Us)
# Bakk Dj’s (Bakk, Nl)

Door-sale € 8,-

Schiekade 201


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