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The Dutch punkband Durango is back with a vengeance !!!!
Durango is founded in the early 90’s by Bertje (Bass / Lead Vocals), Adje (Guitar / Vocals)
and Stevy (Drums) and plays Ramones-core, short fast songs in the style of their heroes,
The Ramones.

The band plays all around the country with tight and energetic performances and is
building on a solid live reputation. Along with Flesh Merchants, also from The Hague (The
Netherlands), they tour extensively and the highlight is performing as a support act for the legendary UK Subs. After some internal turmoil the band decided to call it quits in 1994.
Now, over 21 years later, Durango has a new line up with original bassist Bertje, guitarist
Richie and drummer Eddie in the ranks.

This restart is celebrated with a legendary performance, Durango is actually the support act
for none other than CJ Ramone, bassist of the legendary punk band The Ramones on
August 9th, 2016 at the venue Podium Duycker in Hoofddorp!

CJ Ramone was brought to The Netherlands through Pinhead Bookings for an exclusive small club show for just 200 fans.

In October 2016 Durango is support act again for an American giant, none other than Lord Bishop!
This time it is a home base gig in the Musicon venue in our wonderful The Hague!

2017 proves to be a big year. Durango will be playing at the legendary Kaderock festival on June the 3rd!  Durango is currently working hard on new material to release an album for the summer of 2017.

Who are the Pistons?

Imagine a cold 2013 december evening in darkest Holland..!!  Imagine a Rock N Roll Christmas party… without Rock N Roll…  Enter 4 rockers with one aim… to bring to life the 70 ́s Punk Rock n Roll legends that were the SEX

A jammed crazy Christmas club evening in Holland, wild crowd scenes, Punk rock of the 70 ́s brought  into life with fun, attitude, crowd sing a long and locked doors to  keep the the local council out and most of all.. the SEX PISTOLS  memory and spit in ya face rock n roll anthems..!!
The crowd wanted MORE..!! MAcRoTTEN Vocals coming from the  streets of Glasgow teaming up with friends PaUl  PiStoNS Drums, SIcK SiD Bass and SteVe SnOt Guitar all from the
Dutch Rock scene and so the PISTONS WERE BORN..!

Playing some more gigs and festivals in Holland during 2014 and  into 2015 to rave reviews..! The SICK PISTONS were delivering a  unique tribute to the SEX PISTOLS ,, the 70 ́s raw energy with a  blasting rock sound that remains true to the spirit and the PISTOLS.

We formed as the FAB FOUR true to the Pistols, however we
wanted to take the sound and attitude one step further, a fuller more ballsy show, the Pistols sound

from Brixton (London) five sold-out nights in 2007 was where we wanted to take it. So the FAB FOUR
became the FAB FOUR plus 1 when, rumour has it, the long lost brother of Malcolm McLaren (the
Pistons legenday 5th member & manager) Joined us on stage and STAYED..!!!! MaTt McLArEN Guitar as of October 2015. Next..? Studio to record some sounds..

then 2016… The SICK PISTONS full blast Punk Rock N roll in ya face.. FAB FOUR plus 1, get ready!
Sick Pistons from London and Holland paying homage to the memories of the 70 ́s and the hay day ofPunk: the SEX PISTOLS..!!

Sick Pistons
mACrOTTen – Vocals
SiCK Sid – Bass
SteVE sNoT – Guitar
MaTt mCLareN – Guitar
PaUl PiSTon – Drums

Relive the memories and energy of NevER mIND tHE bOllOcKs!

start 21:30
entrance 5 euro

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