03 mei 2017 - 10:10

We are all reverberations
We are all echo
We are all FOLDBACK.

The atmosphere at previous two Foldbacks was created by dynamic performances and DJ sets full of mind-bending sounds; with deep and heavy subs.

The May edition will again morph into an interaction between people who love Techno and Foldback’s resident and new performers. So expect an enigmatic, enervating mix of Techno from DJs and live performances incorporating a true mix of styles based round the rawer elements of Rotterdams nightlife.


Perial was discovered by Portugal label Reactivate, where he released his debut album ‘Loom of Consciousness’. At the beginning of 2017 he released a 12 on Canadian label, D.M.T. His LPs are a representation of mystical storytelling and deep mindfulness; something we also take fromhis live performances.

Preset & Webber

A long-term collaboration in music production, Preset & Webber organise events such ‘Proces’, and play a hybrid live set including recorded/ processed sounds and computer hardware.

Tommie W

Tommie W experiments with sound modulation, often using the Eurorack format.

Leia Drex

A DJane who utilises a strict track selection. She currently organises a techno gig in Bratislava called Selects.

Fabian Lionearth b2b Luckes

Your resident Foldback DJs will again show their mixing skills, playing 4 decks.

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