23 mei 2017 - 21:46

Imaabs (Mx)
Celestial Trax (Us)
Soda Plains (De)
Bound Centre (Nl)
– Ice Viper
— Wu
— Imhotel
—- Victor Metske

The club sound of now and soon shows a broad variety in the fusion of rave, bass culture, ballroom, kuduro, baile, dembow, gqom and all other sounds emerging from the outskirts of the metropolis.


The Chilean producer, DJ and political club activist Imaabs examines the relationship between Western standards and the marginalised sounds of the global South as well as the political role and impact of club culture in South America and the Latinx diaspora.

His gripping, experimental and dark-edged sound that draws from genres such as dembow, baile funk and grime, has gained international attention by releases via PTP (USA), Trax Couture (UK) and the Mexican tastemakers of N.A.A.F.I.


Brooklyn, New York, based Celestial Trax has honed a beautiful and cryptic sound, where melodies wrap like blown glass around a skeleton of diamond-hard drums and sub-bass. His recent Vaxxilate EP [Rinse] nods towards the dance floor while simultaneously inviting a retreat into the self-contained space of headphones.

His unique sound can recall a haunted spectral electronic beauty, charged with minimalist grime and the substantial sound system rattling bass.

Inspired by raw and gritty aesthetics in club music – whether grime and early jungle, or Chicago street sounds like juke and drill – Celestial Trax’s music is, he says, “all about capturing and harnessing an energy. Using a feeling or aesthetic to create an experience and evoking something within.” Celestial Trax feels like a self-contained universe in its own right, with each track evoking a conflicted range of emotions: isolation and harshness interlaced with moments of beauty and elation.

Soda Plains

Based between London and Berlin, having grown up in Hong Kong.
Following releases in 2014 (‘Rushes’ on Black Ocean) and 2015 (‘Kickbacks’ on Liminal Sounds), Soda Plains self-released “She Has All Kinds of Temperatures / Rodeo” in september of 2016.
In Tongues was released in January of this year, music taken from a stage collaboration with performer Negroma.

We’ve been following the new club sounds and discovered that in Rotterdam these sounds have also left their tracks. A new collective will make itself known at this event as Bound Centre for the first time.

Bound Centre represents the new wave of Rotterdam’s inventive, pragmatic and iconoclastic club culture. Refusing nostalgia, they channel the city’s uniqueness, that once created hardcore and bubbling, to express the reality of today’s generation without compromise.

Bound Centre

– Ice Viper
– Wu
– Imhotel
– Victor Metske

This event takes place in WORM Central Station, part of WORM’s Avantgardistic State. Entrance: Boomgaardsstraat 71

For more information about the Avantgardistic State please visit https://worm.org/projects/worms-avantgardistic-state/ 

Entrance: €7,- (Pre Sale) / €10,- (Door)
Time: 23:00 tot 04:00

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