28 september 2016 - 14:52

Modern Heads, Claudio Prc, One year ago, we started this project with one goal: bring people into our universe and never leave it.

It was a sincere pleasure to provide some of our favorites artists in this awesome place that the Motion Room of Fuse is. Nevertheless we are far from the count.

One year later, here we are again.

Starting a new season with a label who’s definitely one of the most influent since his beginning: Outis Music.

Modern Heads (live)

Modern Heads is a collaboration between Dino Sabatini and Gianluca Meloni. They are sound designers, producers and live performers with many years of experience in electronic music scene. Being skilled at creating music from both analogue and digital prospective. 

Claudio PRC

Born 1987 in Sardinia, Italy. Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in music and art for Claudio PRC. His concept of techno, both as a dj and producer, turns into deep sound layers that are intertwined into minimal rhythmic structures.

Co-founder of The Gods Planet project and related TGP label with Ness, he signed several records with Prologue Music, Trolldans Records and many more. In 2012 he presented his debut album “Inner State” on Prologue.

Beton (hybrid live)

Beton is a modular project, born out of the collective FTRSND. Neither its members or its style are set. The only things that define it are being united through music & creating something live and in the moment. Expect something deep, sonorous and driving.


Shaman and sound engineer based in Brussels.
Member of FTRSND since 2015. Co-founder of Initiate with Pattrn, Sonøren and Airem. His universe is a journey between melancholic and voodoo techno. 

Doors open at 11PM
8 / 12 after 00.30AM

Free toilets all night long.

Graphics by Phanom
Visuals by Airem 

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