06 augustus 2017 - 22:20

We wish to take you on a unique journey enlightened by stunning visuals that appeal to the senses and emotions driven by tripping soundscapes. Let yourself experience a new and confounding reality where sounds and optical effects soothe the mind and trigger physical thrills.

When our souls rise up and cut loose with our bodies to enter into another and borderless dimension, that’s what ‘Kortsluiting’ is all about: an emotional ode to musical disconnection and ascension.

Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid Eye Movement is an independent record label, founded in 2017 as a collaborative project by electronic music DJ producers Memorial Home & VII Circle.

Built on a fusion of their respective sonic universes, the aesthetic profile of the imprint is driven by a devotion for the underground and a yearning for forward-thinking sounds.

REM aims at providing a fresh springboard, both on vinyl and digital formats, to new cutting edge Techno territories, nurtured by experimental, ambient and cinematic textures.

Expect a curation policy that heralds a stream of compelling and always emotive soundscapes, irrespective of the expected mainstream inclinations. REM’s sound will make your body and mind experience a vivid journey simultaneously marked by deeply hypnotic and flashy dreamful stages.

Social Media & More Info

Instagram Kortsluiting : https://www.instagram.com/kortsluiting_be/
Twitter Kortsluiting : https://twitter.com/Kortsluiting_be
Facebook Rapid Eye Movement : https://www.facebook.com/rapideyemovementofficial/
Instagram Rapid Eye Movement : https://www.instagram.com/rapideyemovementofficial/ 

More Info Soon.

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