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TECHNASIA, aka Charles Siegling, has been turning electronic music lovers into believers throughout his career.

A provocative artist with a taste for exploration, Technasia combines a sophisticated musical sensibility with restless curiosity – taking fans places they never knew they wanted to go. Parisian-born Siegling created Technasia when his love of film led him to Hong Kong to study Asian cinema.

Fascinated with blurring the boundaries between West and East, he chose music as his medium to create a unique fusion of emotion, intelligence and experience.

The result? Dozens of hits across multiple labels in the course of his career. Last year was no exception. The Technasia & Green Velvet collaboration ‘Suga’ became the longest-running overall No. 1 track in Beatport history. While ‘Heart of Flesh’ and ‘I Am Somebody’ held top spots in the charts and on the dancefloors. 


is the fledgling house project from Belgian duo Vernon Bara and Massimo DaCosta. No newcomers to dance music, under the Vernon&DaCosta, the pair have released music on labels such as OM Records, AMA Rec, Robsoul, Aroma, OFF, Icon, Doubledown and many more. They have remixed artists including Brett Johnson, Fred Everything, Style of Eye, Miguel Migs and JT Donaldson, garnering support from great DJs like Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Jamie Jones, Mark Farina and DJ Sneak. Vernon has also made more techno-focussed tracks for Hot Creation and Supplement Facts under another moniker, Ultrasone alongside Igor Vicente.

Early in 2013, they decided to start the new side project as ‘Raw District’ in order to focus on the deeper and darker side of house music. In their own words, “Raw District tracks feature fewer samples and more organic influences…the trademark soul, funk and disco influences are still evident, mixed up with the fresh European sounds coming straight out of Berlin.”

With a few releases on some of the most established labels such Crosstown Rebels, Souvenir Music or Defected they undoubtedly secured themselves as in-demand and talented producers. 


aka Joris and Stijn have known each other since high school. Back then, they already had a passionate interest for electronic music. For Joris, mixing at home was the only way for him to express this passion because of his full-time football career. Stijn had been spinning vinyl since he was 14 and had already played at several bigger local parties. However, they never found the satisfaction they needed: they wanted more.

Stijn & Joris’s common taste and style developed into the habit of teaming up for back2back-sets from time to time. It soon became clear that their perfect blend of abstract and groovy house was a formula for success. Mixing deep with heavy, soul with vibes and always complementing each other with the right choice of tracks: it just sounded right! T

heir ability to create that unique atmosphere (sending people home with sore feet nights and nights in a row) soon made the obvious truly obvious: they were conceiving something beautiful. It was then and there Joyhauser was born. 

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