24 oktober 2016 - 12:15


For one year straight we’ve planned our trips to the moon and back, but something happened that you don’t know… yet. Please take a minute to read our mission log below.

The last time we had our beloved Moonday gathering, faith struck us and our space ship broke down. We had to stay on the moon. Until now we’ve been working on a new plan how to get back to earth, but we’ve made a decision. This year we’re going to expand our missions to the solar system itself. Watch out because it’s getting hot as we’re starting with the planet closest to the sun, Mercury…


ENRICO SANGIULIANO (Drumcode / Gem records)

Enrico Sangiuliano is a Producer, Performer & Sound Designer born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, the exact period is not quite known to experts.Little Enrico spent his childhood manifesting a particular adoration for percussion, creating real performances on pots and pans, school benches, traffic signs and the drums. After hitting any kind of existing material he realized that computers could create sounds on surfaces unknown to reality and make them reverberate in virtual non-existent spaces.

He began performing through DJ-ing at illegal rave parties, playing at the most important raves held in Italy since 2003 and earning space thanks to his numerous unreleased productions that became the rave anthems.


AMELIE LENS (Second State / Labyrinth)

Truly one of the most exciting export products Belgium has to offer these days – Amelie LENS is taking the scene by storm ever since releasing her solid debut EP on the Italian Lyase Recordings.

A collective sign of approval came from Berlin based power duo Pan-Pot who reached out to Amelie and asked her to get involved with Second State, Tassilo and Thomas’ own imprint. The label is what you might call a real family endeavour. Although not bound by blood, their artists share a strong ‘next of kin’-like love and appreciation for each others work.

A happy home to grow up in and a promising platform for LENS to release her music on for many years to come.


LEBAWSKI (Moonday, Tomorrowland, Decadance)

Lebawski stands for a perfect match between tech house and techno, which he fluently mixes to create new combinations and transitions, constantly raising his own bar. His sets are stories that take you on a tour through genres, don’t expect a 4/4 only set.


MERCH&DISE (Moonday, District 8)

A Ghent based DJ duo that will bring you the best rhythmical Tech-House and Techno music flavored with Live percussion!!  Therefore you will immediately recognize their roots in Hip Hop and Africa.



Presale starts on Monday 3rd October


There will be no words that rhyme with orange.
There will be no fries served before their time.
There will be no shout outs.
There will be no traffic jam due to Watteeuw
There will be no panties on the bathroom floor (again).
There will be no Dr. Phil.
There will be no kids crying for Bieber.
There will be no babies by Bieber, nor any Biebernaires.
There will be no 40s left after midnight.
There will be no Facebook.
There will be no Jersey Shore.
There will be no Usher requesting Usher, again.
There will be no rapper energy drinks.
There will be no chick stealing my bottle of Vodka.
There will be no Olsen Twins “Pizza”.
There will be no pigeons.
There will be no rapper energy drinks.
There will be no trending topics other than #wauwmoonday

General info

Artwork by Plastik Goodies
Pictures by Dimitri Bekaert Photography

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