15 december 2016 - 14:53

We filter constantly, everywhere and everything. There is no daily life choice without any kind of filter. Information not only there to be found, but bombed towards us at light speed.

But this night, we say NOO, #NOOFILTER.
Just music and enjoyment in its purest form.

2016 has given us wonderful NooFilter nights with Terry Hunter (US), Franck Roger (FR), Melon, Je Dàvu, Prunk, Nachtbraker & Malanda guiding us. All under supervision & supreme guidance by resident Mike Risk, who’s aim never misses target. Looking back with great joy, looking forward jumpstarting 2017 with even more joy and motivation.



Special rarely is something regular, but Jamie Odell aka Jimpster has been something special for the whole span of his 25-year career. A deep house ambassador before it was called deep house. From producing to DJ-ing, from A&R management to running own labels, he has seen and done it all. No matter where he goes, spreading his view on music repeatedly results in happy faces on the dance floor.

His fan base grows every time he performs & his revered labels Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur consistently gift the world incredible music. One thing is sure; the man of the moment always lives up to expectations!


Resident Mike Risk will miss his first NooFilter due to a gig in the paradise that is called Mauritius. Rest assured, Amsterdam’s finest DJ chameleon Melon takes the stage instead. NooFilter nights aren’t strange to him & laying it down both smooth as comfortably bumpy at the same time is his trademark. DJ-ing is part of his DNA and he proves it consistently.

Time after time he makes people move & forget all that is around. All hail, Don Melon!

From soul to boogie, from disco to house, all kinds of music from the soul finds its way into your soul.
NooFilter music.

₠9,50 (pre-sale), â‚11 (before 00.00), ₠13 (after 00.00)

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