26 september 2017 - 21:56

Bassland is here to stay. Check out what the president of this pop-up country has to say below:

Line up

This edition we introduce Vieze Vedi, a close friend of ours from Deventer / Holland who just does whatever he wants on the decks. With all kinds of hiphop classicic) pop tunes and everything that’s considered cool right now. If you’d like to see a wild and rare party animal running through the wildernis of BA$$LAND, you’re gonna wanna come down with a verrekijker.

We also welcome back our buddy Jasper Staal, who’s style can be best described as ‘ritalin in the trap’, to surprise you with all kinds of crazy 808’s and bleep bleeps. He is an alien among humans.

And then we have HA$$LE, our first and only resident, he’s almost the president, who’s experience matches his ears for the new and recent vibes, to never dissappoint you with it. If BA$$LAND had an army, this man would be the general. Bang bang!

And if BA$$LAND had a soccerteam, Bananaz would be the top-boy-hooligan who always defends his team and thus his homeland. Come down and rage and jump up the walls and stuff.

And from Happycountry USH we get a visit from the Happy Boys to make sure you know where they’re coming from. They know what’s really going on. Just don’t ask voor verzoekjes.

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