24 augustus 2016 - 20:00

Due to the revival and timeless quality of deep Dubstep, it’s time for another chapter. Enter Osmose. A new platform in Breda to provide the deepheads with something that’s missing in all those years… We’re kicking things off with a ‘Vinyl only’ edition to cherish those oldskool vibes.

The Illuminated (1,5 hour set)

As one of the frontline collectives in the Dutch dubstep scene, it’s more than natural to invite them as headliner during the first Osmose. Since many years, The Illuminated have performed at a ton of parties. Subway anyone? Or 50 Hurtz, just to name a few?

These experiences forged a path to a sophisticated skillset and provided a steady rep of setting dancefloors ablaze. Numerous productions of the trio (now duo) have made a lasting impact on the global scene too. Count on it that their bag will be packed with countless dubplates… Ladies and gents, we’re excited to bring you The Illuminated!

Raptor B2B Switchface

Our versetile photographer Luuk (Switchface) proposed to team up with the one and only Raptor. The decision was quickly made, since two guys can potentially generate an interesting synergy behind the decks.

It’s worth mentioning Raptor as a rising star in the Rotterdam scene. Numerous gigs and even a couple of interesting productions really underline his talent and potential, and there’s still so much that the future can hold… Let’s see what these two have in store for you in their extended opening set!

Oaks & Baggabiek (Boomshakalak Soundsystem)

After a memorable introduction at a previous edition, it was quickly figured out who to invite for this first Osmose. They might play anything from Radikal Guru, to Digital Mystikz, essentially connecting anything in between – and going back and forth on a broader spectrum. Their differently translated tastes might once again prove to be a tasty formula at this Osmose… One thing is sure: lots of up and personal dancefloor moments will come through these dubby vibes!


Lemons debuts a first gig at this very first Osmose. Known for his well-honed knowledge of the deeper sides of bass, during this night, he’d rather let his collection do the talking.. Despite being a rookie in front of the crowd, Lemons is equipped with a decade of practice in these fine meditative arts, so we trust that pleasure is assured.

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Age: 18+
Damage: €6 at door only (including coatroom)

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