12 oktober 2016 - 21:24

Palmbomen II

For his project Palmbomen II, multi-monikered Dutch producer Kai Hugo cites both underground techno and the “X-Files” as inspirations for his self-titled 2015 album.

The result is both nostalgic and timeless, each track a permutation of acid-y synths, Italo-disco basslines, and drum machine beats. Out of time and place, the techno tunes from somewhere between Detroit and Berlin are coming to Eindhoven.

Delirium Lab

Delirium Lab is an international but Eindhoven based collective with members from São Paulo, Poland, Australia and The Netherlands who merge art, music, design, innovation and food, to create new concepts and events.

“We dream to bring people together in order to share ideas and create new interactions that go beyond the conventional. Building unique experiences through collaboration we aim to break the barriers of people’s minds and expand their imagination. Get in on it.”

Emily Hana

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1990, Emily Hana is an Australian artist working throughout The Netherlands. Her artistic focus falls along the connection of angular tessellation’s, shadow, and light, and the way these aspects interrelate to change an audiences perception of an object.

Light can change our perception of the world, the way we visually see it and emotionally engage with it, whether it frightens us, inspires us, or calms us. Similarly the combination of light and shadow can transform the way in which we consider objects, as it mutilates their simple form into a twisted contortion of its former self.

Through the combination of 1200 cluster floating paper forms and 3D mapped projection, Hana creates an immersive installation work that is a survey of the behaviour of Dutch light within a 12 hour period. Images are augmented into patterns of light across the surface of the paper sculpture. Light fades and falls illuminating walls, ceilings and floors, creating a constant visual symphony.

Palmbomen II is part of DDW Music: a multi-venue music festival during Dutch Design Week that includes performances by 60 emerging bands. Get your DDW Ticket ( €17,50) here ( .

For more information and the full line-up, please inform 

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