24 oktober 2016 - 19:06

A Fugitive (NL)

Combines influences from trip-hop, ambient, post-rock and R&B with intense vocals. Expect drumcomputers with heavy drums, ambient synths and guitars. A Fugitive tells stories about surrendering to destiny. Their latetst EP ‘Coincidence’ releases later this year.

The Hearing (FN)

When one’s eyes are closed and the focus is on only one of the senses, it’s like arriving at the station of Something Great and the experience is much more powerful. You start to feel the warm vocal harmonies, arbitrary pop melodies, moving rhythms and a strong presence.

Blackie & The Oohoos (BE)

Dreampop that takes you on an adventurous trip through a mystic jungle of haunted folk. Their trademark are dark poppy songs full of hidden tension, sweet and sour at once.

Dooxs (Nl)

Dooxs, two girls from Rotterdam, create icy electronics with an ethereal atmosphere. Djoeke’s airy, light vocals drift on top of the dark synths, minimal beats and deep basses produced by Aniek (aka ANIK). They sat together and wrote their single ‘Nude’ in a single afternoon, then started gigging almost right away.

Spill Gold (NL)

Spill Gold is a psychedelic three-piece that unwinds vivid and spiralling stories with their eerie yet persistent songs, bringing listeners into a trance-like state. Members NN, JJ and RR fill it to the brim and then some with a thirst-quenching ghost-pop that takes you somewhere else.

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