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On the 15th of december 2017 we’ll present you with the Belgium edition of the ‘Fabio Fusco’ new album world release tour.

Known for many more acts like Fabio & Moon, Bitmonx and Laika & Strelka just to name a few. So, safe to say he is one of the biggest Icons of the Progressive trance world.
Each time we see this guy on stage its a true delight to see and feel the energy his puts out there, as we like to call it “The Fabio Fusco Show”. Definately one of the most entertaining artists on the planet. A must see…

Fabio Fusco (spin twist – Hamburg – Germany)

It’s impossible to tell the story of Progressive Trance without mentioning the city of Hamburg, and it’s impossible to talk about this scene hotspot without mentioning Fabio Fusco. As a DJ and producer he has done an impressive job infusing the global club and festival scene with his remarkably broad creativity, becoming a legend in his hometown and faraway places alike.

Fabio has been part of countless successful projects, covering everything from the minimalist, wooden Hamburg sound of the early 2000’s to the sleek, streamlined, highly energetic version of Progressive Trance known today. He’s also one of the few artists who is notably recognized in the Tech House and Techno scene. Fabio’s extreme versatility and productivity make it real hard to put a label on him. The probably most appropriate would be: Untiring party animal.

Supporting Artists
Don Cabron

more to come…

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