09 mei 2017 - 17:10

SANDER VAN DOORN SHOWS HIS TECHNO MUSCLE ON THE RHYTHMSander van Doorn revisits a techno classic on his storming new track The Rhythm, giving it a contemporary refurb that hits in all the right places.

The Rhythm centers around one of the most commanding spoken word vocals in dance music history, compelling you to move with its message of dance floor positivity. The track kicks into life with its chugging techy groove filtered down, slowly revealing itself as the tension builds. Sander then proceeds to give us a master class in how to make a track rock without a riff in sight.

Intense feel

Brutal, distorted drum hits, dramatic drum fills, percussive energy and brooding sustained synth chords in the breakdown all create an intense feel, with an enormous build dropping us headlong into a frenzy of dizzying FX bleeps. Who needs melodies when the groove sounds this good?

With the likes of Adam Beyer and Pete Tong amongst others, this one is already wreaking havoc across the globe. The previews on Sander’s Facebook page have already clocked up 40,000 views and are garnering frenzied reactions from his fans online and at his shows.

Sander van Doorn ‘The Rhythm’ is out on DOORN Records on April 24.

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