22 juli 2016 - 12:55

“50’s Jamboree” with Nasty Bartender
22H00 / 5€ < MIDNIGHT < 7€

Are you ready for a rockin’, rollin’ and twistin’ party? Then you are good with the Saturday Jamboree.

DJ Nasty Bartender will shake you a cocktail of the best music from the roaring twenties untill the swinging sixties; Rock ’n rolll, Rhythm and Blues, Swing, Surf, Boogie, Popcorn… As long as it makes you dance Nasty Bartender will spin it.

So start polishing those dancing shoes, wax your hairs, put on polka dot dresses and come and have great fun!

Nasty Bartender

Nasty Bartender starting out years ago collecting 50’s vintage furniture and being a life-long music lover, it was quite obvious that dj Nasty Bartender would one day spread rock’n’ roll music.

It was at Madame Moustache over 6 years ago that he got the chance to dj for a big crowd for the first time and since then became a household name.
Jukebox Jeremy a.k.a the Nasty Bartender

Be there or be square!  for the finest in rock’n roll, surf, swing and boogie.

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