16 juni 2016 - 14:55

For all who love live music, djs, artists, performances, karaoke and plenty of cake. On the 25th of June we celebrate our 2nd birthday. And you’re invited for a free birthday party throughout our building.

Bring your best friends, hamster, lover or mother to The Big Date.

Where everyone is dating everyone. Get up close and personal with our favourite creatives, musicians and performers. Our doors are open for all. Free entrance and good times included.

All You Need To Know

June 25th
Free entrance
No guest lis
tCome in early
Full = full


Our first confirmed birthday entertainers. More will be added soon.

// WipsiteSex education for adults (you’re never too old to learn)
// High TDisco, reggae, funk, house, hip-hop, R&B and soul party crew
// TrouwkapelGet married to your pet, BFF or your entire crew of friends
// De NachtdienstRaw, groovy jazz hip-hop band
// ED AmsterdamExhibition by a street photography collective
// Resident DJsPhilou LouzoloMax AbysmalTim Jules

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