20 november 2017 - 20:20

Welcome to the 10th edition of BA$$LAND! This edition WANTIGGA tops the bill. He is a close friend from Deventer who is known for blending various genres and lighting up dancefloors all over the world. You do not want to miss this guy, he’s all over the place!

And because we have this 10th edition, we give respect to a party called ‘Ongehoord’. We do this by inviting NODE, a semigod who is going to do his thing with a vengeance. Come by for a set filled with trap, bassheavy sounds and things we can’t say no to.

But there is more to come

Also, our favourite resident Jasper Staal, who’s style can be best described as ‘ritalin in the trap’, is back to mess you up with all kinds of crazy 808’s and bleep bleeps. He is an alien among humans.

Because this truly is a special edition of BASSLAND, we’re going for more. This edition we invite a good friend of our bass rich country back to the booth: PO$IJ. This famous producer from Groningen is on the rise with heavy bass styles and never dissapoints behind the wheels of steel. Come by and show him some love!

Still there is more: BANANAZ is our top-boy-hooligan who always defends his team and thus his homeland. Come down and rage and jump up the walls and stuff.

To conclude the line up we bring back the Happy Boys from Happycountry USH. They know what’s really going on. Just don’t ask voor verzoekjes.

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